Hong Kong: The land of food and trails 


March 1, 2016 by Soo Ee

  • If you don’t know canto, always speak in English. Speak in mandarin only at your own risk.
  • The superfood sold @The Store are found on iHerb at a cheaper price.


  • My friend told me walking trails can help me become more aware of my body, to help calm it down after all the stress I put it through. I think I was so wowed by the vastness I forgot whatever it was that was troubling me, in that 5 hours of hike.

  • @金鳳 茶餐厅。 Fragrant, thick, nice milk tea for a prep up Wan Chai Gap. Go early morning to avoid long q. There was already a q building up at 9.00am. (41 Spring Garden Ln, Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

Spoofing the welfie group outside. 


  • Kubrick, a cafe in the Mong Kok area, is fancy. The Cupping Room coffee is to die for.


  • The secondhand bookstore at 29 lyndhurst building is worth a trip. So many recent titles. I bought ‘Outliers’, a book on helping dyslexic children read and a novel, ‘An inheritance of loss.’  The place is so clustered with books you be amazed. 
  • Don’t eat @Tsiu Wah at the airport. The q at the airport one is way too long. The pork buns I had in Hong Kong island looked so much tastier. The patties were more succulent and larger in portion than the one I ate at HK airport. Their famous milk tea came hot and in a bigger cup too.
  • So, fish and preserved egg congee is 鱼片皮蛋粥 and fermented Beancurd donut is 煎饼。


  • Try Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine @Tsim Sha Tsui,23/F, iSquare, 63 Nathon Road. It made me realise what a hotpot noob I’ve been. The ones I have had so far in the past consists of simple fares like toufu, veg, chicken ecetera. Here, I had this noodle fish meat things that tasted of dried orange, this rolled up bean curd skin thing that was fried and which had to be dipped into the soup and immediately retrieved to be consumed, minced fish meat (from a fresh whole fish) that was added to the soup and boiled just before consuming, the beautifully marbled beef slices whichcould be wagyu, vegetables, big ass huge shrimp dumplings, maybe fermented toufu (huge empty pores). Condiments included one with bacon bits, fermented beancurd, chopped chilli, sambal chilli, garlic and chopped spring onions.
  • It is nice to walk around Kowloon after dinner, near the harbour area to see the young buskers showcasing their talents. Take a ferry back to HK island just to enjoy the ride.


  • According to my friend’s friend, after I commented that Kowloon area looks older, more rustic, says that HK island is constantly being upgraded and ‘renovated’ thus it looks newer. Rustic suits my tourist eyes.
  • Do a short hike up Wan Chai gap to catch movie stars or tycoons like Stanley Ho. Alight at Wan Chai MTR. Note: slopes are steep, but lasts about 1.5 km. catch the 4 blocks of residence of Mr Ho too, with all the drawn up curtains (to keep out the paparazzi). Bonus: Kam Fung is on the way to the start of the slope.
  • Don’t go to temple street night market. Expensive and overrated. (Information confirmed reliable and given by a Singaporean student who has been in Hong Kong for 3 years)
  • If you’re a road direction idiot like me, always bring a portable charger even if it has only two bars of energy left in it. You’ll never know when your phone will die out on you at the most crucial moment. It could be the moment you step out of the MTR station, on the walk back to your place of stay.
  • There are a couple of late night food stalls near Lan Kwai Fong. There’s this one that sells dessert and pig shoulder noodles and one that sells zi char (Sheng Ji). Had the semi cooked pig liver at a zi char place which was a tate salty but judging from the crowd, the other dishes could be worth a try. 



  • Chungking express was my first Mandarin indie movie. I walked past the building they used to film Chungking express, in Kowloon. It was near the harbour area. It felt like I just met my favorite movie star. 
  • In February 2016, 10hkd = 1.86 sgd
  • Buy the Airport express return card if you’re planning to go back to the airport soon after landing. It’s cheaper.
  • Buy the octopus card to travel. Can be used for bus, trains and boat.
  • Always check the weather and prepare the necessary covers. Jetstar didn’t stop just at the terminal. We had to take a bus from the plane to the airport terminal and there was more than one wave of people boarding the bus. Fortunately I was in the first wave and not in the second because the second half of the people waiting to board were outside in the cold, and I was without my fleece.
  • You find good hiking company.



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  1. Audrey says:

    Awesome post and nicely summarized! U made Hong Kong really attractive!

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