Race number 7

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February 21, 2016 by Soo Ee

The word ‘veteran’ means you’ve been through hell of a lot and hence, are hell of a lot stronger in will, powerful in aura and fiercer in spirit, than your younger contemporaries. 

Also, being older doesn’t mean there aren’t things to learn anymore.

For example,

1. There is no way to get across to Gardens by the Bay from Kallang Riverside Park. I walked almost 2 km from the F1 pit before I realised that. Thank goodness hidden close by was a nice MRT station to take me to the feeder service near the starting point. I was contemplating to either swim across to the other side or beg a ride from a police officer at the Chingay event.

2. . A friend asked me would it be possible to become stronger through training when you’re no longer a young thing? “If you’re not afraid to try, be not afraid to fail, you could possibly become stronger, even if you’re not as young as before.” You could try running 10 km in the morning and then running a half in the evening even if you’ve never tried it before and don’t know if you would fatigue in there process. If not, then hey! You’ve become stronger!

3. Whey protein works very well for my evening-run -blood-sugar-dip situation. I stashed a small packet in my pouch for emergency situations. I hate times like when I had to stop at a coffee shop to grab a bun to gobble cos my blood sugar suddenly dipped at 5 km and I was breaking out into cold sweat.

4. If there are free feeder buses to take you to the race venue , don’t be stupid and garang. Race days are not for trying out new ideas.

5. Elevate the legs while lying down after the run is good for you. I read how to deal with a low blood pressure situation, with my legs high up, in a L shape position.

6. Fire works after a run. First time for me.



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