Race number 3 and 4

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February 7, 2016 by pecanbutter

Races #3: Run for Hope

Race #4: Compressport Corridor Run

  1. It was fun running without the thought of hitting a PB. (Easy runs can be fun too)
  2. I initially planned to finish the first race at easy pace to conserve my energy for the next one on the trail.  Race started late at 7.15 am so I had to run faster in order to end it on time to make it to the other venue. (Always be prepared for changes)
  3. Bananas make good fuel. 
  4. For once I love hopping into a cab. Activating Google map helped the taxi driver to focus on driving and not on how to get to my destination using the longest route possible. (Use Google map)
  5. The trail at Singapore’s Rail Corridor is probably the best we have got. (Race overseas)
  6. Go slow where dirt and water meet. (To stay on two legs and not land on the ground)
  7. A small bag pack is convenient if you can only collect the race pack on the morning of a race. Mine could fit in a tupperware and a small water bottle, among other things. (Bring a small bag pack that will not interfere with the running)
  8. If you don’t want to run overseas where the trails could be better, try the route behind Albert Park MRT station. (Alternative route)



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