Race number 2 and 3

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February 1, 2016 by pecanbutter

Race #2: Tembusu vertical marathon

Climb up the stairs, run across the dorm hallways, down the stairs again. Total of I think three blocks. The difficult part was climbing down the stairs. Really bad for knees. I think my knees is in bad state 2 weeks after still cos of that. No jelly legs or lactic acid filled thighs though. It could be maybe I’m stronger now than before. Enjoyed the scenery and open air stairs is good for ventilation (not breathing stale air.)

Race #4: NUS Bizad Run

I got lost on the way there. Google misled me. I came to a remote part of NUS and for a moment thought, wow this was really rural. Not. Car park had more than enough space. I was glad I was there earlier. Saw many non-students participating. That guy, Ben Swee too. It did looked like it was going to rain. Thankfully, it did drizzle a little but they did not cancel the race. Race cancelled would suck because it would ruin my grand run plans for 40 races. The killers for this race are the slopes, and slopes and more slopes. Challenging. The medal nice too.



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