Hello 2016!  

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January 1, 2016 by pecanbutter

I wouldn’t dare be ungrateful and hope for better days in 2016 but then again, what is life if it is not built around hope?


One rainy day, with my sister niece and me @Jacob Ballas.


Celebrating the ‘intern teacher’ Charlotte’s birthday.


The Lim family wefie.


Setting up my ‘kitchen’ in my room.

Ed Fe and Ee, the super trio of Bv welcoming an addition to the family


I totally gate crashed their party after a training session at Tiger Muay Thai but I did not care.

My first taste of a 42km run developed into a love hate relationship.


Oh! My newfound love


Mag+my intern Hui min +me


Asics city run all women’s team that came in top ten. Audrey, Liza, Chris and me.

My students from the past and present day.


Successful installation of a ‘pots and pans corner’ underneath my bed.


Our stay over at Changi to celebrate the little one’s birthday.

Jars of instant noodles. The first of many experiments to encourage my colleagues to eat better.


My lovely friends who went up Kl with me for Spartan Race Malaysia.


My one moment of fame in Sunday Life.


My solo culinary journey to NYC wrapped up a pretty awesome year.


I’m going to hope for more in 2016.


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