New York, New York

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December 25, 2015 by pecanbutter


do not:

.go to Times Square on a weekend. It’s a tourist trap of insane crowdedness.

.go to Times Square and take pictures with the costume party people there. It’s not cosplay and it’s not free.

. Wait for the bus. Take the subway. You might fossilize before a bus decides to come.

.nit pick, be afraid or shocked but anything, or when people’s face change colour when you tell them that gum eating is not allowed in Singapore.

.depend on Uber for emergencies. You can’t catch anything anywhere at anytime

.Text while you’re walking. You might walk by someone famous without realising

. Expect elevators in apartment buildings. There is none.

.Expect the weather to be constantly the same.

.eat only at where you live. Eat everywhere. Eat anywhere. East, west, Brooklyn, Long Island

.Assume anyone who speaks a language other than English is from somewhere else. Locals speak good French, Japanese and even Spanish.

.Fear the short daylight time. Let it empower you.

.sit in a park and eat your sandwich or drink your coffee. The pigeons will defecate on you.

.Buy food before going into Madison Square Garden to watch a show. All food gets dumped

.discriminate. Everyone is not an open book. I got help from the most unlikely.

.wait to go to a restroom. Go to one if you see one, even if you don’t need to.

.Stop walking.

.go to NYC in December. The winter wear takes up half your luggage bag and the weather is freezing.




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