Sugar and Fructose

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October 30, 2015 by Soo Ee

I asked a good friend to write for me a list of food she eats, for a week. She was a little hesitant and very reluctant. She lament that the recording of meal food would make her guilty of the food crime. This was what I got:

  What was the point, she asked? The point was that I was getting worried she might expire earlier than her expected lifespan. I was hoping to stretch that expiration date. The point was so that she could find out what might be subtlety ‘poisoning’her. The point was the hope that we could identify a pattern to her eating habits and sieve out the hidden stuff that might be interfering with her health. This all started because I just finished reading the book ‘Year of no sugar’ by Eve O Schaub and gasped at the very danger sugar is becoming. Sugar was EVERYWHERE.


And fructose was the mastermind.

And fructose is poison.

According to Eve, all sugar contains fructose. HFCS. Molasses. Agave. Evaporated cane syrup. Honey (*GASPS!*) Brown sugar. Powered sugar.

Fructose does not satisfy hunger so you eat more than you eat because it suppresses the hormone ghrelin.

Fructose is not used by any cells in our body except the liver. Or in processing fructose the liver releases bad things, uric acid and fatty acids. Too much uric acid causes gout and hypertension. Too many fatty acids cause non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), cardiovascular disease (CDD), insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and obesity. The clustering of two or more of these four conditions is called metabolic syndrome. Circulating fatty acids speed the growth of cancer cells.

What do you call something our body has no need for? And that when we take it in, creates toxic by-products in our bodies, resulting in debilitation, disease and untimely death?

Doctors call that a poison.

Eve O Schaub’s writing made me want to give up sugar completely. I wanted to start a year of no sugar like her. I ordered dextrose online. I was nervous about everything I ate. I wanted to run out to bookshops and buy the books in bulk and start distributing them to close friends and family.

Once I calmed down, I decided I did not have the discipline to do it like Eve. The way she did it, I just found someone I truly admired and looked up to. However, I will try to do what I can. I will continue the ban on canned food and drinks, artificial sweeteners and MacD’s. And if I wanted a sweet dessert or treat, I will try to make them with the dextrose I bought. According to Eve, dextrose was something that was needed by the cells in my body.


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