Chickpea brownies

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October 29, 2015 by Soo Ee

Flour is not evil . It is just my preference not to have it in my snacks.

This question of how to keep the dough together bugged me for some time. Flour was the ‘cement’ of a brownie. Would a brownie be soul less without flour?

The answer is no. The magic was in the chickpeas and the other ingredients in it – honey, peanut butter, dark chocolate chips and lots of love.

By the magic of cooking science, I was able to make brownies, though not the regular ones made of flour and cocoa and milk and butter and calories, but ones that have a little more texture, a little bite from the dark chocolate in the mouth and packs a punch of goodness with every bite.

This no-flour brownie is full of life, the life of chickpeas, honey, peanut butter and 70% dark chocolate chip.



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