A series of unfortunate events 

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August 30, 2015 by pecanbutter

As I lay on my bed recalling the scene where I clumsily let slip of my car keys and down it went into the deep crevasse of the lift gap, I felt an exploding fountain of frustration take over me. I wanted to just let it all out. This latest incident in a series of unfortunate events this week finally broke the camel’s back. The camel wants to bite back and smash things.
Then among the dark stormy clouds appeared a faint voice from within me. It was my inner guru. “Hey you. Chill a little. Breathe and count your breaths. To be honest you’ve just only lost your car keys and some convenience alongside it. It is not the freaking end of the world yet, so don’t go ballistic. Don’t let this get to you and destroy the peace in you. Look at it this way, this could be the bottom least of many problems people you know are going through and facing right now. Bring on that faith that you always have, about how everything will always turn out ok in the end. You can do this. Watch your breathing. Control your breathing. Bring yourself back to the present.”
And so that was what I did for 5 minutes. As quickly as it happened, the negative feelings slowly left with every breath I took. I decided to take a minute to grieve about what happened and then after that, I will let it all go, and start looking for solutions instead.
Surprisingly after the dark clouds left, my mind was clearer and I was able to think better. I realised that there was really no point in indulging the negative feelings. They only serve to take me down. I will figure out my next step at dawn. I will run barefooted if I have to. The keys would just have to wait to be rescued. Though I don’t know if they will ever see the light of day again.
Whatever it was, this was done for now.
Now, I go to bed.


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