My last day at Tiger Muay Thai

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June 21, 2015 by pecanbutter

My last 3 sessions: Cross training, Olympic lifting and Muay Thai.

Cross training – Team chipper workout with partner. I was the only gal doing squats and push press with the bar and the only one doing t2b. I am damn proud of myself. It drizzled while we were doing the cross training. Nice reprieve from the scorching hot past few days.(

Olympic lifting – the workout was very well sequenced. Started with deadlift and ended with clean and jerk. All the steps of a clean and jerk broken down and completed in one workout. Very good for beginners to adapt.

I came to realise that cross training is damn tiring. After the 2 hour session, my upper body felt like I had just fought a great battle with a giant lizard. The lactic acid was deep in my veins. The bed lured me and I gave in.

When I woke up, I was contemplating whether to skip Muay Thai. The Singaporean in me wanted to make the best of what I paid for and it was my last day there. I wanted to just squeeze in one more training before I leave this place. The snooze for 30 minutes helped. I felt the lactic acid build up go away silently like elves after they were done with whatever it was that they were doing in my body.

The tee I was wearing was thoroughly soaked after the muay thai workout. Oh I love that.

I will sure miss this place.

I will be back, maybe.

Watch a clip of my sparring session here:


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