Phuket: The story is not finished (Last day at Tiger Muay Thai) 

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June 21, 2015 by Soo Ee

My last 3 sessions: Cross training, Olympic lifting and Muay Thai.

Cross training – Team chipper workout with partner. I was the only gal doing squats and push press with the bar and the only one doing t2b. I am damn proud of myself. It drizzled while we were doing the cross training. Nice reprieve from the scorching hot past few days.(

Olympic lifting – the workout was very well sequenced. Started with deadlift and ended with clean and jerk. All the steps of a clean and jerk broken down and completed in one workout. Very good for beginners to adapt.

I came to realise that cross training is very (x 100) tiring. After the 2 hour session, my upper body felt like I just fought a great battle with a giant lizard. The lactic acid was deep in my veins. The bed lured me and I gave in, after lunching at Tony’s, again.

When I woke up, I was contemplating whether to skip Muay Thai but it was my last day. I wanted to just do one more training before I leave this place. The snooze for 30 minutes made the lactic acid molecules went away silently like elves after they were done with whatever it was that they were doing in my body.

Muay Thai- it was either the weather or that I downed litres after litres of water after this morning’s training. The tee I was wearing was thoroughly soaked. Good session.

I will sure miss this place. Rest assured that I will be back for sure.

Watch a clip of my sparring session here:


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