Food poisoning

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June 16, 2015 by pecanbutter

Forced food expulsion.

Must be the yogurt in the morning or the salmon I ate right after the afternoon training. I thought the salmon tasted a Tate too warm to be raw and it was a blistering hot afternoon in Phuket.  Whatever it was, it was bad. I couldn’t keep anything in.

I came back straight after western boxing in the late afternoon and laid on the bed for a good 30 mins before I expelled everything I ate from the morning and maybe the night before. Thinking I was alright, I stinge on the charcoal pill and only took one, with a lot of water. I laid down some more. I went out to get dinner. Didn’t have much of an appetite but I felt weak and cold. My body needed fuel.  The brown rice and chicken basil leaves stayed in for a while. I went to bed at 8pm thinking all is well. It did not stay. That evening meal came out of my system at about midnight, pretty much digested.

It definitely felt like my system was killing me softly.

Probably a good idea to take the day off tomorrow.



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