Crossfitting and muay thai training in Phuket

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June 9, 2015 by pecanbutter

Started the morning with Yoga which left me feeling like I finished a workout. I never knew yoga to be this tough. Lol. The instructor was good. He was very precise in where he wanted us to place our hands and legs and how he wanted us to move. I’m very particular about how instructions by teachers/coaches are given so I really appreciated him.

My plan for today was to do the cross training @10.00am, but I was bored and restless after the morning yoga (we started at 6.30am and ended about 7.30am) It was too early to do anything else so I went for the Body Fit class at 8.30am. The cardio workout was good. Worked up a good sweat

(Find the workout at

Crossfit wasn’t like what we do at the hub. We didn’t do any snatches or cleans. Strength only consisted of weighted lunges and nordic curls. Good thing the WOD wasn’t particulatly fierce. I got eased into it pretty well. I will go for the Olympic Lifting class tomorrow. According to the class description, they touch on snatch and clean techniques during the session.

Ranting starts here. I ate up everything lunch offered, the stir fried chicken bits with basil leaves and brown rice. Carbo cutting is so not working. Went back to the room, watched a little of the SEA Games live telecast of women boxing and napped. Woke up at 3.50pm and wondered if Muay Thai was at 4pm or 4.30pm. Good thing I checked. It was 4pm. Ranting stops.

I arrived at the Muay Thai training ground to find everyone down on the mat stretching and thought I missed out on the warm up. Apparently no. After the stretch on the mat, we got up and started running around the area for a good 15-20 minutes. Stretching, mirror work, target sparring, sparring with bags, sparring with others in the ring followed. Learnt quite a few things during the session. Footwork, combinations, push kick, avoiding a kick, grab leg clinch and knee, counter attack a push and kick. How to block a kick.

Striking the bag was fun. 5 rounds of don’t know how many minutes of hitting and kicking the bag, each round ends with 10 push ups and a minute of break. I managed to do some fancy stuff like 360 turning kick followed by a hook punch, back kick and my invention, the 360 back hand with my Wreck-it-Ralph gloves. The head coach was very strict. Those who were suppose to be hitting or kicking but didn’t, got shouted at to continue working. He even mentioned caning for those who couldn’t keep up with the workout. Yikes.

It was my first time sparring in the ring. Though we were doing non-contact sparring and there were like 3 pairs in the ring, it was quite an experience. Watching the SEA Games telecast of boxing in the afternoon gave me some ideas on how to approach and attack, and fake a pre-attack attack. Of cos, Taekwondo training helped with my movement and agility. Despite that, I know that an experienced fighter might have gotten me pretty fast. Too bad I didn’t get to try sparring with the instructor. Maybe Wednesday. They do sparring training every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

At 6.00pm, 30minutes before class ended, we were all sitting down and introducing ourselves. I thought “was that all for today?” No, it wasn’t. After the introduction, the head coach spoke to us in very broken English but I could make out things like we are not suppose to use what we’ve learnt in street fights, not suppose to hurt one another during practice and that if we stop during practice, he would cane us. I doubted that he would. But he really did cane someone. A korean lady I partnered with stopped and stared into space while we were hitting bags and the head coach shouted at her to continue hitting the bag and the same lady had to stop cos she couldn’t take the 3 rounds of moving knee ups followed by 200 knee on bags, 100 thrust kicks, 100 elbow strikes, 300 sit ups and 100 push ups training and so a junior instructor had to take her place to be caned.

2 1/2 hours worth of workout.

Good dinner of Pad thai, road side stall mango salad and tom yum gong. Burp.

Sleep didn’t come easy this night because I was too exhausted. Hope it comes easier tomorrow.


I look like that character from wreck it ralph with my 16 ounce gloves


Outide the training centre. Tiger Muay Thai.


The delicious mango salad from the lady at the road side stall. Check out the salad making video on _soo_wants_real_food_



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