Run the Big Buddha Run

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June 9, 2015 by pecanbutter

Do the big buddha run if you are at Tiger Muay Thai for training. Guaranteed to test your endurance and resilience while you look on beautiful sceneries leading up to the buddha. I underestimated the 4.5km uphill run. Not that I thought it would be easy, i just didn’t think it would be that difficult. When the coach said “alright everybody, run” everyone in the group started sprinting up the road. I tried to catch up. Damn it. My butt still hurt from yesterday’s training and the ankle chose the first 5 minutes into the run to throw tantrum. In due time, I realised that I was the last one on the way up so I decided to engage my ego to help me move. Ego turbo worked, as always. I managed to pass 3 guys on the way up, two chinese occupied with taking pictures of elephants and an african american who was taking it easy. When I reached the top in 40.01 minutes, I was thinking “holy shit, I made it”
Combat conditioning up next. 2 laps of warm up run followed by some dynamics then a really tough workout.

(Workout: Tabata by Coach Woody  | Crossfit Apocalypse

Hitched a taxi bike out to Thalang road after the day’s training for some coffee, where I saw, a couple of days before I made my way to Phuket, an article on which cafes I should venture to when in Phuket. The bike ride was 150 baht. I contemplated renting and riding my own bike to venture the city but thought otherwise with concerns to the safety of the other road users. The bike taxi uncle spoke a little English and could point out which street was where. The lady who rode me back didn’t understand English and she didn’t even know where Tiger Muay Thai was. Good thing the staff at TMT wrote me the address in Thai. She made a call and told me she knew where it was by nodding. I was a little doubtful but I went along. The lady didn’t know what to charge me so I offered her the same as what the uncle quoted me. I was a little worried about getting back because I walked for a good 10 minutes but saw no cab or taxi bike in sight. I was relieved and grateful when the lady appeared. She sort of saved me from spending my night at old phuket town or running the 12 km distance back.

On the way out of Tiger, I stumbled upon a place selling organic home made yogurt and cheese, and they had healthy after/before workout bars. Breakfast of yogurt and hazelnut tomorrow. On the way back, the lady brought me back via another end, and there, I found this neat organic food cafe. The vegan burger was good. Thank goodness for some food without MSG in them.

Cafes: Chino Cafe Gallery. Bookhemian. Macchiato cakehouse. Verdict: Bookhemian is worth a second trip. There was this other one there where I bought some postcards to send back whoch I could drop by too. Nice people who let me use their ink stamps and space to write my postcards.

Chino Gallery


Macchiato Cake House





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